Car rental service with driver


Limousine Service Parma guarantees the seriousness of qualified personnel and the quality of services, also made to measure.

Preferential rates allow the customer to obtain maximum results in terms of image with minimal financial commitment.

The fleet consists of class vehicles, always in perfect working order, complete with air conditioning and every comfort.

All means are appropriately licensed to transit on preferential and pedestrian streets.

The Limousine Service Parma,

working in the field of self representation services for over 20 years has luxury cars from the leading manufacturers, cars, vans, minibuses, equipped with every comfort and in perfect condition.

The Limousine Service Parma boasts managerial relationships with some of the most qualified firms as: Industrial Union, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council Chamber, the European College, Institute of International Affairs and others.

The Limousine Service Parma stands out in the industry N.C.C. ensuring the high quality of services and the attention given to the relationship with customers.

Professional secrecy observed during the conduct of reserves to the customer the ease of a trip that allows you to better manage the time spent in the vehicle.

Unlike many companies on the market that can bring down customers in condemnations of "negligence in supervising" the Limousine Service Parma in total respect

the latest regulations, provides a copy of all licenses and permits customers to ZTL zones and lanes, to protect the companies that use this service preventing incur sanctions.

I remain at your disposal to provide targeted preventive.